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Hi, I'm cole and I have hunted at High Hope Hunts for many years and I have made many memories. I've harvested many deer. A few with a bow and a few with a gun. But from experience if you are wanting to take an amazing deer and turkey hunt you need to hunt at high hope hunts. This is the best hunting experience you will ever have!

Cole Conn - Happy hunter!


My friend Lee and I have hunted at High Hope Hunts for 2 years now and been successful both years with 2013 being the year of the biggest deer of our lives. Dave has dozens of well placed stands for both bow and rifle hunters. Food Plots and great accomodations as well. Thousands of acres and great Mossouri hospitality as well. Thanks Dave and Matt for all the great times! 

Sam Birchfiled - TH Cook


In March of 2013 I attend the Iowa Deer Classic. I registered at the door as I usually do. A few days after the show, I received a call from John Bunge, informing me that I was the lucky winner of one of the grand prizes, a five day turkey hunt with High Hope Hunts in NE Missouri. I've hunted turkeys in MN, and killed a few, but I am not the expert turkey hunter that some people are. But after killing 2 birds in 2 days, I can tell you it was a great experience. The timber and fields are loaded with turkeys and deer. David manages the land actively to maximize the habitat, and he knows the animals and the area well. You'll have a great experience hunting with Dave. I plan on booking a deer hunt with Dave this fall. Its a great place to hunt! 

Shawn Eyre - IA Contest Winner


 Dave's operation has excellent whitetail and turkey hunting. He offers thousands of acres of hunting land with great stand locations. He also has high fence hunts, which i will say are great fun. Dave raises trophy deer in the high 200"s. His open range are awesome trophies as well. Dave will help you in any way he can to help make your hunt a successful hunt and a great experience. I have always seen turkey on his properties, when ever I have gone out and hunt . Give Dave a call. You will not regret hunting at High Hope Hunts. Try Dave, Sincerely, Steve 

Steven McNally - Timber Ghost Taxidermy/Owner


Hello im Jason Hollifield & I have been hunting At High Hope Hunts in N.E Missouri for 7 years now. Before I was hunting NC, SC, Il., & Ar .and I now I have finally found the best spot for the buck of a lifetime for the best price. I've seen four or five Boone & Crockett deer from the stand and a couple on the roads , so I know the big ones are there. Now I pass on deer that are trophies in NC. Not to mention my walls are full of 130"-165" whitetails. There is an abundance of food for the wildlife, making everything grow larger. Plus you get a chance to see Dave's breeding stock of large whitetails to pump you up. Dave is a good guy, a good cook, and a good guide. Even more, he knows the land and the deer patterns very well. It gives him the upper hand when he places his stands. High Hope Hunts is your chance to bring home a monster trophy whitetail. I would recommend High Hope Hunts to any hunter. 

Jason Hollifield - Happy Hunter!


I hunted at High Hope Hunts this Oct. and harvested a 152" 12 point buck. They have great stands for bow and rifle hunting. They also have some great turkey hunting. David has great accomindations for his hunters and is willing to help when needed as far as a guide. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a great experiance. 

Samuel Fisher

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